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5280 Magazine listed the top 25 most livable Denver neighborhoods and Indian Creek was number 5!  Here the link: Denver's Best Neighborhood's

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Denver residents who are 60+ in age are eligible for free access to all the city's rec centers and pools - including drop-in fitness classes and clubs.  For more information click here.

Reserve Study Update

The Reserve Study Update is complete.  If you would like a copy, please contact Danielle.

Property Maintenance

SECOND REMINDER: 1) Do not blow leaves into the gutter - this impedes water flowing to the storm drain; 2) Trim low hanging trees so they do not cover street signs; 3) Clear public portions of your sidewalk of either snow or leaves within 24 hours of the collection on the sidewalk.

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Changing Exterior?​

If you would like the newsletter and/or monthly billing to be emailed to you, just let Danielle know.  It could be more convenient for you and would save money for the Association!

Remember that if you are planning on making changes to the exterior of your home, you must fill out a request form and obtain approval prior to making changes.